Odds of Philadelphia Phillies’ 2023 World Series

Odds of Philadelphia Phillies' 2023 World Series

The Philadelphia Phillies rose above expectations in 2022 in MLB. However, with the National League pennant and coming short in the World Series, the Phillies are coming into the new season with a target on their back.

Most PA sportsbooks gave more wins in the Phillies’ win total compared to the previous season because of the team’s new additions in the offseasons. For Phillies fans, there are odds for the team winning the NL East, NL pennant, World Series, and multiple season-long props.

What Are the 2023 World Series Odds

Despite winning just 87 games, the Phillies made it to the World Series, surprising the baseball world. The team’s already impressive roster of pitchers and hitters has been bolstered by the additions of Trea Turner, Tijuan Walker, Gregory Soto, and Craig Kimbrel.

Unfortunately, the Phillies will be without Bryce Harper until the middle of the season due to Tommy John surgery, and Rhys Hoskins is out for the year after tearing his ACL during Spring Training.

The DraftKings PA Casino and Sportsbook has given the Phillies the ninth-best odds to win the World Series at +1800. Interestingly, the teams the Phillies defeated in the playoffs – the Cardinals, Braves, and Padres – have better odds.

Out of the NL East teams, the Braves are favored to win with odds of +105, followed by the Mets at +170 and the Phillies at +425.

What Bookmakers Say About Reaching Philadelphia Playoffs

The Phillies didn’t have a productive decade behind them entering the 2022 season. So the question was if they make the playoffs for the first time since 2011. When the season started, the Phillies were +125 to make the playoffs.

Now, after the team exceeded the expectation, the oddsmakers favor the Phillies making the playoffs in the new season. With Opening Day looming, the Phillies have a -170 to make the playoffs.

The Betting Market for Phillies’ Regular Season Wins

Similarly to playoff odds, PA sports betting app like DraftKing had the Phillies win total at 83.5. The surprising World Series appearance has the Phillies’ win total for the season at 88.5 (+105).

These are, however, not the best win total projections in the NL East. The Braves have 94.5, the Mets 91.5, while the Marlins are on 76.5, and the Nationals are at the bottom with 59.5.

Player props for the entire 2023 season of the Phillies.

DraftKings included multiple betting markets for individual player stats. Some of the most exciting player bets include Kyle Schwarber’s home run over under market set at 37.5 and RBIs at 92.5. Trea Turner’s HR is 23.5, with over -105 and under -120. You can bet on the number of his hits, and the line is drawn at 176.5.

You can also bet on the pitchers. Aaron Nola’s wins are on 13.5, and DraftKings made a 212.5 strikeout line with odds for over at -105 and under -120. They projected one win less for Zack Wheeler and set the magic betting line for strikeouts at 182.5.

Unique Markets for the Phillies 2023 Season in Pennsylvania Sportsbooks

DraftKings has some of the most interesting unique markets, like most regular season wins by the end of April, where the Phillies are in third place in the division behind the Braves and Mets with +265 odds.

In April, DraftKings set the Phillies’ win total at Over 15.5 (+105) or Under 15.5 (-125), with the team scheduled to play 29 regular games during March and April.

DraftKings is also offering head-to-head odds for the most regular season wins. For example, if the Astros win 100 games, the Phillies would need to win a minimum of 93 games for a bettor who placed a +7.5 wager to win the bet.

DraftKings has placed the Phillies against the Astros and Pirates with the following odds:

Phillies +7.5 wins (-115) / Astros -7.5 wins (-105)

Phillies -21.5 wins (+100) / Pirates +21.5 wins (-120)

The Top Over Bets for the Phillies in PA Sportsbooks

Here are some of the best over bets for Philadelphia for the upcoming season.

Over 88.5 wins

DraftKings is offering +105 odds for Over 88.5 wins for PA bettors. While Bryce Harper may not return until midseason, his absence may not significantly impact the team’s win total. Last season, the team went 31-20 without Harper after he broke his thumb in June. Interestingly, the Phillies recorded only 50-48 in games Harper started. However, with Darick Hall as an adequate replacement for the injured Rhys Hoskins at first base against right-handed pitching and the team’s strengthened pitching lineup, they should win more than 90 games. Therefore, it’s recommended to take over.

Aaron Nola Over 205.5 strikeouts: FanDuel PA Sportsbook has set Aaron Nola’s strikeout total at 205.5 (-113). Nola has made at least 32 starts in the last four full MLB seasons, and in each of those seasons, he easily surpassed 206 strikeouts. In 2020, Nola struck out 96 batters in 71.1 innings during a pandemic-shortened season, and if he had pitched 200 innings, he would have been on pace for 270 strikeouts. In addition, Nola’s durability has not been an issue in recent seasons, making the over bet on his strikeout total a smart choice.

Best Under Bets for Phillies 2023 Season

Kyle Schwarber’s home run total is 37.5, with BetMGM PA Sportsbook offering Over 37.5 (-115) and Under 37.5 (-115) odds. Schwarber had hit over 38 home runs only twice in his eighth-season MLB career, both of which came when he played more than 150 games in a season, which is not always the case. Although Schwarber is a beloved and influential member of the Phillies, it is a risky bet to assume he will have another relatively injury-free season and hit 38 home runs.

DraftKings has set Trea Turner’s home run total at 23.5, with Over 23.5 (-105) and Under 23.5 (-125) odds. Turner hit 24 or more home runs only once in his career in 2021. In the three seasons where he played at least 148 games, Turner hit 19 home runs in 162 games in 2018 and 21 home runs in 160 games last season. Therefore, it is advisable to bet on the under.

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